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About Us - Restored Rocks

Hey y'all!  

We're the Crockers!  We live in the Texas Hill Country with our two boys on a cattle ranch.  My husband and I own a custom cattle feed yard, a thriving essential oil company, and now Restored Rocks!  Some might think we're crazy, and sometimes that can be true, but we truly just want to create a future for our family doing the things we love.  Part of the beauty of starting Restored Rocks, is that our boys LOVE rock hounding!  This is something they can do with us, so expect some love from our little cowboys from time to time!

Our mission is to serve your needs from a family perspective.  As you might have read, our "rock business" started with our aunt and uncle many years ago out of their garage.  Now they have one of the largest rock warehouses in the Denver, Colorado area and ship all over the world.  Why is this important to you?  I know where the rocks come from!  Most are hand picked by my family from areas such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.  So you know what you're purchasing is exactly what it says it is!

You may be considering one of our pieces for many reasons.  Maybe it's to spice up your home decor, or add custom services to your massage and holistic health endeavors.  That is totally up to you to decide, and we support however you choose to enjoy our products.  I can promise you this... You have our best, and we hope you feel that you're getting that.

Nice to meet you, and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us!


Justin, Missy and our Cowboys!