Check out this months BRACELET OF THE MONTH - HYPERSTHENE! This stone is to help you feel Calm, Cool and Collected....with all the chaos in the world, we can't have too many reminders! 🌟 CLICK HERE 🌟 to get yours.
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    Restored Unbranded Stone Bracelets

    Restored Unbranded Stone Bracelets

    Our Restored Unbranded collection gives you the freedom to wear, create, and self brand our large collection of gemstone bracelets.

    There are two ways you can purchase these bracelets: 

    1.  RETAIL -  Due to popular demand, we are making these bracelets available for individual purchase at affordable retail pricing.  Just select the bracelets you'd like, and we'll ship to your door step.  

    2.  WHOLESALE - For all orders over $200 (wholesale) for the Restored Unbranded bracelets, you will receive 40% off automatically at check out.  If you don't see the coupon applied just use coupon code WHOLESALE40 and that will assure you the 40% off your beautiful bracelets.

    ISN'T THIS EXCITING?!?!  Everyone is eligible!  For businesses who would like to also receive tax free sales, please CONTACT ME directly before your purchase.

    Now, description of the Restored Unbranded bracelet line.

    ALL bracelets are described in the subject line, and made with an industry average of approximately 7.5" in circumference.  We do not have alternative sizing at this time for the Unbranded line, but will be working on that in the future.  If you would like custom sizing try our Restored "I Feel..." line where we make the bracelets on demand to fit your needs.

    Unbranded bracelets are super flexible and can be dressed up with tags and charms to fit your design needs and make a super affordable gift or item to carry at your shop.  The sky is the limit!

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