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    Restored Rocks Box - Gemstone Jewelry Made Easy

    Restored Rocks Box - Gemstone Jewelry Made Easy

    I know you've seen all the beautiful gemstone jewelry covering social media and blanketing your favorite shops!  It seems so easy to slap some beads together and call it done...but it's not.  I spent countless hours and loads of money trying to find the perfect supplies to make a quality, and affordable gemstone and aromatherapy bracelet.  The goal of the Restored Rocks Box is to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY so you can produce good quality bracelets that will turn heads and help you put on a successful event, grow your feel good business, or build a stash of beauties for thoughtful gifts!

    These bracelets were, and still are, my therapy! They are a result of a personal struggle I was needing to get through and helped me be more intentional with my thoughts and emotions.  I get lost putting them together and wearing them, pondering how their beauty is even possible, and connecting to their studied meanings. Of course, I pair them with some of the best essential oils to take their benefiting properties to the next level, and I hope you do to!

    Fun ways to use the RRB is to have a fun family or friends night in! Grab a glass of wine, put on some good music, and start swapping stories and diving into the gemstones! It's a perfect activity for clubs, organizations, company name it! It is also a great option to purchase if you have tons of little and meaningful gifts to give out. Whether it be for the holidays, teacher gifts, co-worker thank you's or team gratitude, you just can't go wrong! One of my favorite ways to use the RRB is for education and inspiration. Many essential oil educators, like myself, have a deep passion to help others not only boost their physical health, but their emotional health as well. This box will be a tool, to help you bring those ideas into a tangible process so that your class goers can leave with a beautiful piece, some essential oils, and the inspiration to take their health to the next level. It's beautiful really!

    Each box will contain supplies and supporting documents to make 20 natural gemstone and/aromatherapy bracelets for the low price of  $149.98. When you think about it, that makes each bracelet only $7.47 (which is a STEAL) each AND you go home with so much more! that you know a little bit about the RRB, let's get you going.  We have 4 boxes to choose from currently:

    Love and Gratitude Box
    All Things Good Box
    Faith and Friendship Box
    New Beginnings Box

    You can see the description of each box when you click on your theme.

    The sky is the limit friends!  Get your Restored Rocks Box today!

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