LOVE IS IN THE AIR...👉 CLICK HERE to see the beautiful BRACELET OF THE MONTH👈 💕 RHODOCHROSITE! 💕 A stone, and beautiful gemstone bracelet, to help you feel WORTHY of all the beautiful things!
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    "I Feel" Natural Gemstone Bracelet Collection

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the constant negativity and chatter in your head?  Do you need a sweet little daily reminder that you are in control of your actions and emotions?  ME TOO!  I've redesigned the little red ribbon reminders into gorgeous natural gemstone bracelets to help remind you that YOU determine your day...the "Law of Attraction" mentality.  If you see it, and believe it to be will be so!

    The "I feel..." collection does just that.  We have a great selection of ways we think you might want to feel, and paired them with the perfect gemstone as life's sweet little reminder.  Customize your collection by making sure to add our lava bracelet so you can add your favorite essential oils for that extra boost and long lasting sweet aromas.  Enjoy life's little blessings every day!  

    Gift your friends and loved ones with the "I feel.." collection, that you get to customize yourself, to show your love and gratitude to those that matter most.

    There will be a basic collection that you can collect, then monthly, we will come out with an EXCLUSIVE RELEASE and LIMITED TIME bracelet so you can continue building your beautiful collection of natural gemstone bracelets for many years to come!