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    Gemstone Roller Bottle with Intention Kit

    Gemstone Roller Bottle with Intention Kit
    Combining gemstone and using essential oils for maximum emotional results.  

    Have you ever wanted to use gemstones and essential oils together but didn't know exactly how to do it?


    Recite positive affirmations to do with LOVE, PROTECTION, COURAGE, GRATITUDE, ABUNDANCE, and STRENGTH!

    You will receive 6 stainless steel roller bottles filled with 6 different gemstones like Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Citrine, Quartz, Tiger Eye, and Amethyst and suggested oils and affirmations to use with each stone.  The goal of this tool is to help you shift the mindset of scarcity to abundance of all the things to improve your overall well being.

    The 6 roller bottles, gemstones, and information cards are included.

    All orders will be shipped once supplies is received.  Please allow about two weeks until pre-order status is lifted.

    Need help with essential oils?  CLICK HERE
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