LOVE IS IN THE AIR...👉 CLICK HERE to see the beautiful BRACELET OF THE MONTH👈 💕 RHODOCHROSITE! 💕 A stone, and beautiful gemstone bracelet, to help you feel WORTHY of all the beautiful things!
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    Bracelet of the Month Club - Restored Rocks

    Bracelet of the Month Club - Restored Rocks

    A set it and forget it option for all of our monthly released "I Feel..." bracelets!

    Receiving a beautiful, natural gemstone bracelet every month has never been easier!

    Subscribe to Restored Rocks Bracelet of the Month club and receive complete confidence that you WILL receive EVERY Bracelet of the Month (BOM) without having to log in and secure your order.  The best part of the BOM Club is that you receive every bracelet at 15% off AND get the option to choose a S,M, or L size.

    This is totally for you!  A fun and affordable way to build your bracelet stash!