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It's Here! Gemstone Bracelet of the Month Club

Missy Crocker

(You can skip the meaty blog post and go directly to Bloodstone!)

So a few weeks ago I got a little idea that we needed a BOM Club! Basically that means Bracelet of the Month with an awesome name.  

Our "I Feel..." Collection has been a huge hit...have you seen them?  They're just little life reminders to help us attract the emotions we'd like to have more (or even less) of in our life.  The idea was inspired when I thought of the "little red string" tied around our finger to help us remember to get the milk, or do our homework...I thought, why can't it be used the same way with our emotions?  Sure, we can just tie the same boring "little red string" around our finger, but a beautiful gemstone would be soooo much better!

So...I took that idea and ran with it.  Monthly, I study a new gemstone and tie it to a particular emotion as suggested from prior reports and research.  Usually they are things that pertain to my own life quite honestly but I know can mean so much to others too.  Things like LOVE, and GRATITUDE are so powerful...and when we're reminded to give love, or be open to receiving more love and being grateful for that, there can be a total shift in the way we "do life." 

So...we created a line just for remind us of "all the feels" to help us be more intentional about the way we feel...days are different, so our reminders should be different too.  

We have 10 staple stones which should always be paired with a lava bracelet so you can add your favorite essential oils to it. It just takes everything to the next level, and if you need help in that department, just ask...I happen to be an expert in that field...self proclaimed...but hey, I study oils more than I studied for my Bachelors Degree!  (True story!). Here's a cool link to the basics.

Back to the BOM Club...

Staples are great and necessary, but it's so fun to have something new from time to time!  So why not EVERY MONTH...thus birthed the BOM CLUB!  The exciting way to add to your "I Feel..." bracelets every month and have new options for gifts all the time.

It starts today...August 1st 2018 and we're rolling it out with the BEAUTIFUL BLOODSTONE! <---click that link for details.

Well...we hope you enjoy and love what you see.  We are super GRATEFUL for all the wonderful feedback and can't wait to see what the future may hold.  

Start getting intentional about your emotions with the "I Feel..." Collection..I assure you these reminders can make a huge difference!

BLESSINGS my friends!
BOMs away! :) 

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