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Ellensburg Blue Agate

Missy Crocker

Ellensburg Blue Agate

Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of banded chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz group. The name Agate comes from the river Achetes in Sicily, where Agates were found in ancient times.

Ellensburg Blue Agate is a rare geode type Agate found near Ellensburg, Washington. It is prized for its color, which ranges from pale sky blue, to a bright cornflower blue, to a deep blue-violet. It was deposited by glacial movements so the true location of its origin is unknown. In history, Ellensburg Blue Agate was held in high esteem by the Northwestern Native American tribes. In some cases, only the chief was allowed to wear this stone. Some say it is the 'third rarest gemstone in the world.'

Ellensburg Blue Agate is a beneficial stone for the throat chakras, conveying to the user an enhanced ability to see and speak the truth without concern for the consequences. it links the throat with the heart, allowing one to communicate what the heart knows. This stone can also aid artists, poets and musicians to eloquently express the treasures of their souls and the messages that come through them from the Soul of the World.

Eloquent communication of the hearts truth , Soothing the throat chakras and calming the mind.

Throat, Heart

Earth, Water

When I first read of this stone, I immediately thought of my sister, Kelly, who is a teacher, and a singer song writer. ย I think being a true artist is the ability to convey outside, how you feel on the inside and allow others to connect to their own feelings and apply those to the music. ย In my mind, every artist needs a piece of this, and when I find some...my sister will have it as she continues to entertain and connect with all of those who love her music. ย If you want to look her up, find Kelly Clements - 'Two Far Gone' on most social media pages.

(The Book of Stones, Who They are & What They Teach)

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