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Citrine and Sunsets

I think it’s really hard to deny the power of nature. I’m driving back from Kansas, which is near 9 hours to my home in Texas. I had the opportunity to teach some amazing women there about essential oils and natural wellness. I’m feeling blessed really...a fire in my stomach burning with desire to do big things. I look to my right and see this ball of fire in all it’s glory. BIG, POWERFUL, STRONG, BEAUTIFUL. It lights up the world without hesitation. In a weird way, I felt like the sun at that moment.

Then that feeling reminded me of Citrine. ORANGE, BRIGHT, BOLD, MIGHTY, BEAUTIFUL.

So, what do I do?

I look up Citrine in one of my favorite stone apps to find this....

This read then made me connect to so many things from this weekend of growing my business, spreading love, and sharing that with others.

Want a good oil pairing? Use a little Wild Orange! Citrus can uplift the mood, keep the spirits high, motivate the mind and sharpen the focus! 

 If you want more info on essential oils, click here.

To my ride or die friends... B’s, we got this!

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Useless fact about me...I keep a Citrine close to me for every class I give. Can you see why?

Share the love my friends!

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